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How to Use HTC Sync Manager and Its Best Alternative-

It was developed by Google, so you can rely on this software. It can mount your HTC phone as an external hard disk when connected with your Mac. You can use it to view and transfer files between your Mac and an HTC phone. Connecting your Android phone to your Mac is simple. SyncMate for Mac allows you to easily exchange files between your Mac and other devices such as other computer, portable device, mobile devices, and online accounts like Google, Dropbox and iCloud accounts.

SyncMate is probably the only solution that allows syncing Mac with multiple devices simultaneously.

HTC Sync Manager FAQ

So, you don't have to purchase several syncing solution to sync your Mac with HTC phone. There are two versions available — free version and expert version. The free version will sync most vital data — contacts and calendars.

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  • Top 4 Software to Do HTC Sync with Mac.

The expert version can do a lot more. Connect Android with TunesGo. Manage and transfer Music on Android. Manage contacts and messages. Backup and transfer videos. Manage Apps on Android. Manage files on SD cards. Apr 01, Part 1. View and manage media on HTC phone from computer Browse and manage music, photos and videos on your phone as well as on your computer.

Play music, videos by using the built-in media player. Import all music, photos and videos from your HTC phone to your computer Import documents from your computer to your phone Copy selected music, videos, and photos from your computer to your phone 3. Backup and restore Backup your HTC phone to your computer so you can easily restore your backup to the same phone or to another HTC phone. Sync playlist and data Sync music playlists and data such as contacts and calendar between your phone and your computer. Part 2. Step 3 Sync Photos Click on the Gallery tab.

Click the arrow to expand or collapse To send file a file from computer to your phone just find that file in an album and click on HTC phone icon below the file. Part 3. Can't connect my phone to computer Please check the following: Check weather USB is enabled or not. Unlock your phone's screen if it is locked. Download the latest version which includes new device drivers.

Part 4. You can also restore selected or all backed-up data in a single click.

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  6. Directly transfer music from itunes to android phone, or export it from your phone to iTunes. No way I'll ever find the ONE cord Thanks a lot. It worked, I use Android for wide compatibility and they give you this crap - annoying - no more HTC for me. Karthik Rengarajan. The simplest solution i have found is to make sure HTC Sync manager on the PC is of the same version the phone is looking for.

    How to Connect HTC Phone to Mac (macOS 10.12 Included)

    Looks like if the versions are different the phone does not get detected. Paul Finch. I tried absolutely everything for hours to connect to pc. I thought it has to be the charging jack in my M7 that's faulty. Bought a new charge port flex off eBay and fitted it. Turns out that it was the problem.! The other symptom was a "Slow Charging" notification always came up even when connected to my HTC charger. That's what led me to believe the jack was faulty.

    Spencer Flower.

    Part 2: How to use HTC Sync Manager to Transfer Data to HTC

    Ron Mexico ronmexico. So I've done this 3 times now, don't ask. First time, my PC wouldn't read phone the phone at all. No clue, computer stupid, and I tripped over a pop up window from my AVG ant-virus that showed the different drivers and connections. Maybe 5 total, and only 1 was connected. Again, computer dumb but I was able to adjust some settings in the antivirus and firewall, color coordinated. This time 2 it connected PC and mobile instantly..

    Q: What phone model does HTC Sync Manager support?

    Now, I'm attempting my 3rd and 4th try. I reinstalled everything but there's no connection again, and I can't find that magical pop up window either. I know nothing about anti-viruses, does any of this make sense? All my apps, including drivers are from the HTC website so it's legit, I can t get my PC to allow any of them to download fully either.

    Antivirus won't allow. Lee White. Karthik Rengarajan - I cannot find usb options either within settings or within my HTC desire phone. I have tried looking for them asking where they may be on the internet and cannot find anything Sadley I cannot go any further past step I agree that it is necessary to make sure that the latest HTC software for the mobile phone and for the computer are installed. Unfortunately just by using the Microsoft "uninstall" facility the files within subfolders are often left behind. These earlier files left behind in the HTC Folder on your C drive need to be manually removed after the Microsoft uninstall has been run as the old files left behind interfere with the new installation.

    You will need to find the HTC folder which on most occasions is located in the Programs Files folder. When you find the HTC folder double click on it and check if there are any subfolders or files left behind in the HTC folder or anu subfolder. All subfolders and files must be removed by highlighting the folder and hitting the delete button before you install the new version of HTC Sync Manager.

    Some files are difficult to remove from the HTC folder.

    How to Use HTC Sync Manager on Windows and Mac

    If this occurs you need to right click on the folder then the file and change the folder extension from say ". By changing the file extension the computer will not recognise any files with a ". XXX" extension. You will then need to restart your computer again and then go back into the HTC folder and you should be able to click on each of the folders with the.

    XXX extension and delete them. By following these procedures you remove all traces of the earlier program. After installation of the new program immobile will be recognised and for security purposes HTC allocates a new unique code each time you backup or restore. Sameer Arab sameerjcl.

    Top 4 Software to Do HTC Sync with Mac

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