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Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Something does not work as expected? Unlike iTunes where adding tracks and managing playlists is quite tiresome, Clementine is a pleasure to use. One of the features that I like the most is that I can keep all of my music as well as movies and documents on a central file server running Linux and accessible through Samba. With Clementine I can browse the Samba server or any other location such as an external drive and add those music folders to the library.

If you want to do Karaoke, there is a tab called 'Song Info' on the side panel and it pulls the lyrics of the current track from the web Last. Another tab called 'Artist Info' opens the Wikipedia page of the article within Clementine so you can read about the artist while you enjoy their work. Clementine has great support for podcasts, and it also supports tons of cloud services so you can connect Clementine to Dropbox or Google Drive and start playing music stored on these clouds.

Let me tell you straight, Photoshop is the best image editing application around. No further discussion. But not everyone needs, or can afford, Photoshop. In some cases it's overkill for an average image editing job. GIMP on the other hand fills the bill nicely. Its interface is similar to that of Photoshop so there is no steep learning curve. And, like Photoshop, you can expand the functionality of GIMP through plugins, scripts, and extensions.

If you are a photographer like me you would be shooting in RAW image format, which retains much more data than. But you need to process them before you can print or share them online. LightRoom is a great tool to process such files, but it's not available on Linux. Your best alternative: Having used both Lightroom and Darktable, I can vouch for Darktable as a dependable tool to process your images. Not only is the interface of Darktable similar to that of LightRoom, it is quite feature rich.

Once you have processed your images through Darktable and GIMP, how about adding some creativity to them? Check out works from Belgian artist Ben Heine for some inspiration.

Best free and open source apps for Mac OS X

To create sketches or illustrations you need a professional grade vector graphic editor and there is no dearth of such tools. I often use Inkscape for the job. Drawing sketches is not the only task this app can do: If you plan to install Inkscape, follow these instructions. Do you create podcasts or work on audio production?

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I often create video-casts, and audio editing is a core component of video production. Audacity is undoubtedly a leader when it comes to audio editing applications. It was the 11th most downloaded application on SourceForge in and was downloaded by more than 76 million users. The app interacts with your hardware so you can record podcasts directly to Audacity using the built-in mic or through external microphones.

Check it out. There are tons of features for great audio production. I once recorded and edited an entire drama for community radio on Audacity. But if you are into animation, or want to learn it, there is no need to buy expensive 3D computer graphics software.

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Blender is the undisputed king of 3D animation. Blender is extremely powerful and can also double as a film-editing software. Blender can do so much that it seems like 20 apps packaged in one.

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Here's how Read More , provided you log in with an OpenSubtitles account. Cyberduck is an FTP client for Mac. The interface works like a browser and mimics common navigation and sorting features. The outline view lets you browse large folder structures efficiently, while the Quick Look feature can preview files without downloading them. You can also organize bookmarks with drag and drop and check the history of all visited servers. Uploading files is a one-step procedure. Drag and drop bookmarks to Finder and drop files onto bookmarks to upload.

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You can even sync local directories with a remote server. One of the best features of Cyberduck is the integration with Cryptomator. It works by creating a vault directory in the cloud storage and encrypts files and folders with AES cipher keys. Anything you put inside this vault will encrypt transparently. That means no hidden backdoors from third parties, and greater privacy when using cloud services. The app is easy to use. All you have to do is create a new vault and enter a name and passphrase to secure it.

Read More Skim goes one step ahead. The left side of the main window lets you view page thumbnails or the table of contents. Meanwhile, the right side has a note panel that allows you to see all the annotations and notes you created. Skim includes a feature called the reading bar to help you concentrate.

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And the content pane has a powerful built-in search feature: If the book has thousands of pages, you can take a snapshot for reference or split the PDF into two halves. And finally, you can export all notes and annotations as a text file. Just get the BibTeX citation of a source and put it in the app to create a well-organized library. These tips, guides, and more will tell you everything you need to start making use of LaTeX. Read More , then you can write and cite with BibDesk effortlessly.

Using the app is easy. Every publication offers a cite key with details like the article type, author, year, and more. Copy the cite key, and BibDesk will automatically retrieve all the details.

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You can also drag and drop the PDF and fill in the details. Or if you prefer, simply copy the details and paste them into your documents instead. If you find yourself slipping into procrastination and wasting time on distracting sites, then this app will prove useful. Add the website you want to block in the blacklist window. Move the slider to decide the duration of the block the minimum is 15 minutes. Click Start , then type your password to start the block.