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To do this, again boot your Mac into Recovery mode, but this time do not format or restore from backup, and instead just choose the first option to reinstall OS X. Follow the on-screen instructions, and wait for the installation to complete.

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Once installed, be sure to first go to Software Update in the Apple menu and apply any updates you see there, as this will update your system to the latest OS version. Resetting the SMC fixed it. BTW, does booting in safe mode perform the same checking-repairs as the Disk Utility repair? It it necessary to fully login in safe mode showing the Desktop for such repairs to take place, or is it enough to wait until the login window shows and then reboot standard or shutdown?

Would a mid Macbook Pro running the most current version of Mavericks have the option of booting into Recovery Mode?

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  3. Troubleshooting a Mac That Always Boots Into Safe Mode.
  4. Test Your Hardware with Apple Diagnostics!
  5. Choose Another Startup Disk with the Startup Manager.

Hay, just try it. Ultimately it will depend on whether your original system install included the Recovery HD partition, a setup that began with OS X I have an overarching question here: What does it matter if your macbook continues to stay in safe mode after you only intended it to be there while you fixed a tiny problem, like dumping some files in order that the macbook reduced to zero space, has headroom once more to operate normally. Thank you!!

The command to clear the nvram arguments worked! Tried everything I could find on a dozen sites including Apple and your article finally gave me the info I needed. I am having the same issue with my girlfriends MacBook Air.

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  • I reinstalled from a backup but without success. The problem in her case is that she spillt a little water over her keyboard last week. We dried it for 5 days and then it was working fine for the next week. The keyboard is ruind and she was using an external keyboard until yesterday suddently the MacbookAir started loading into safe mode. Macbook booting is really a headache for me.

    How to Solve MacBook Pro Booting Stuck Halfway Problem

    It really waste good amount of productive time. Its wiser to backup your important data regularly, if daily not possibly make a weekly habit, else as informed in the blog Stellar mac data recovery is your last resort. Being a proud MacBook user since I face booting problem couples of times.

    Start up in safe mode

    Being novice, I forget to take backup and face the situation of volume data lost. I remember at that time on the suggestion of my best friend I tried the Stellar mac data recovery software. Excellent Results.

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    I solved the issue with the help of your blog. Problem occurred after updating. I follow Booting option Thanks for giving wonderful information! My MacBook Pro usually stuck halfway while booting, which really annoyed me. Unfortunately, it was told strictly by system technician person that taking backup data is a must. On one instance, when no backup is available to me, Mac data recovery from Stellar greatly helps me a lot in retrieving lost data.

    Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. How to resolve MacBook booting stuck halfway?

    Fixing a Mac That Keeps Booting Into Safe Mode

    Follow these options and get your MacBook running again: Options 1: Option 2: Start your MacBook in Safe Mode: To start up in Safe Mode, try the following steps: Option 3: Repair your disk Disk Utility: To run Disk Utility, follow these steps: If Disk Utility reports that your hard drive is about to fail, immediately backup it up Option 4: Option 5: All Together To get your MacBook up and running, implement the above mentioned options but make sure that you have a valid backup file.

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