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Similarly, Mac believes that his assistance in the experiment will finally ensure his graduation, which would get Ms. He tests out hypotheses via sticking a plug into some Listerine. Of course, Mac stumbles upon the catalyst by ashing a blunt into the mouthwash solution, thereby giving them both what they want and proving that weed saves the day. Half-Baked and The Big Lebowski are two very different stoner movies, but two very successful ones, united not only by the prevalence of cannabis, but also by the humor in the machinations of weed smoking: What kind of people are stoners?

More importantly: Are we capable of that kind of love? Like, there are long, long montages where we watch Snoop and Wiz smoke weed out of a coterie of pieces, just that for about ten minutes or so: There are fisheye lenses…. In these excruciatingly long, humorless scenes where a bunch of turds take blunts to the neck and drool out nonsense, using cannabis is workmanlike, pregnant with wasted time and irritating company. Have you ever watched someone smoke weed when you yourself were not smoking? Probably not, because there is little else on this earth so boring.

Not explained in the plot, but in the sleeve of his jacket. Ashley is, of course, far from disagreeable: Oh and also give him enemas? You gotta let that feeling feel good.

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No homo. An outtake reel is dispersed throughout the closing credits, and in it Khalifa admits this is his first time acting. Which is our favorite part: Snoop nods, and does not complain about never being invited into the shop. Who, before, we thought possessed an organic undercurrent of humor, much like, um, we dunno, some burnt-out rapper version of Jeff Goldblum.

RC VO: But despite that, both still want you to take them seriously as rappers, and want to be considered hood and down with the ghetto and not total pop sellouts. So they didn't just make an album together. Snoop and Wiz are rapping in character as Mac and Devin about the plot of the movie.

Even with the song hyping it up everywhere, I couldn't find evidence that this movie even existed. When I went to the Mac and Devin website, it told me everything about the soundtrack, but nothing about the movie, which eventually limped to DVD without a theatrical release in June. But even a hit song couldn't push Mac and Devin to anything but a direct-to-video dumpage slot.

Basically, it has to be considered a lesser entry in Snoop Dogg's film career, which is [posters of Bones , Soul Plane , and Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror ] really an incredible statement, when you think about it. How can a movie be so shameful that even Snoop Dogg wouldn't promote it? Well, let's find out. Looks like we're gonna start off with some Well, um Wait, is that lit blunt being played by [album cover of Prince of the South The Hits by Oh, yeah, I remember that guy. Yeah, he was the only one out of Master P's label that I could actually tolerate as a rapper Hey, where's he been anyway?

You have an excellent point, badly animated talking blunt. Yeah, I think we to light one up. Actually, I don't even agree with him. I love movies like [posters of various stoner comedies, among them And hey, if your writers are strictly relying on their audience having their mind altered before they could have any ability to enjoy the material, normally we would call that movie something like [shots of They're applying the same rule to stoners as they do to four-year-olds.

And hey, I'm not asking them to make bold, artistic statements. I'm just asking them to make me laugh.

Reece’s Riffs #1: Mac and Devin go to High School | Reece's Riffs

First there's Snoop, playing the drug dealer Mac. Now, I had assumed that this would be something like [DVD covers of Yeah, those years crossed out on his jacket are funny, but to be accurate, they'd probably have to start at You already used up your stretching of disbelief privileges as a movie if you expect me to buy that. I'd had an easier time believing him as Eleanor Roosevelt. At least casting him as a teenager explains that horrible peach-fuzz 'stache. Also there's Andy Milonakis of "hey, whatever happened to Andy Milonakis" fame.

You remember him. The man who physically looks like he's twelve years old, but mentally Yeah, this movie's gonna suck. How long exactly was this movie on the shelf? You remember what they look like? I'm still trying to remember what they sound like. From what I remember from their "Like a G6" song, I thought they were one white chick. Look at that joint. Dude, he's, like, 53 years old and he's supplying drugs to minors.

Just have him arrested.

Slow burn validictorian speech

As you probably have noticed, Assistant Principal Skinfloot is played here by what appears to be the world's worst [picture of He's a Mac, and he's [Skinnfloot] a PC, which, in this case, stands for [text] "Poorly-written character. So how often has Snoop had to bone the old lady to not get expelled?

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Anyway, the film gives us a number of other stock characters, all of whom get about two scenes each because this movie just doesn't care. There's Devin's rival. And Snoop also has a love interest, a hot new teacher who turns down his advances because she has rules. Anyway, they get teamed up to do a science project together, which means that the cool guy and the nerd have to work together in the grand [picture of Goddamn it, Wiz, all you had to do was say, "what?!

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How do you deliver a single word that badly? It wasn't a Shakespearean monologue! You know, in most movies where a way older guy gets a younger person high without their consent, they would usually be the bad guy of the movie. Yeah, maybe "okay" isn't quite the word for it. But Wiz totally starts getting into it anyway. So yes, the character's who's never pot on purpose, like, ever, had a song about smoking pot rattling around in his head.

Yeah, sure. So what happens next is Injected video for sensual seduction? What happens is stuff becomes funnier and music slightly speeds up.

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Chemically, the effects of weed are actually kind of mundane. It's becoming abundantly clear to me that this movie only exists as a cheaply made promotional tie-in for its own soundtrack, which I think that's kind of the opposite of the way it's supposed to work, isn't it. Also, we forgot to film that scene.

Anyway, Mac goes through the process of corrupting young, innocent Devin. So, if I'm counting correctly, this movie has literally two different, unrelated characters that are talking, anthropomorphic cannabis.

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  • Reece’s Riffs #1: Mac and Devin go to High School!

Most movies would say one is enough, not this one. Okay, so then they smoke pot and I guess they're still smoking pot. Mac and Devin go to high school 'cause they're in high school. They may as well have called it Mac and Devin Breathe Oxygen. Aren't stoner comedies supposed to be zany, with, like, wacky characters and adventures?