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Open Quicken for Mac. Select the option Start from a. QIF file exported from another application. You will be prompted to sign in or create a new Quicken ID.

Converting Your Data (Quicken for Mac)

Make your selection and continue. Click Next. The Import data from another application window is displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions and import the. QIF file into Quicken. Ask our community for help and to learn more about Quicken. Quicken Help. The option to import QXF files, which is necessary for this conversion process, is not available. If you're converting a data file because you've upgraded to the Subscription Release, you will need to make sure that the new version is installed before starting the conversion process.

For installation steps, click here. Don't delete your old data file until you've reviewed your new data file. After you finish converting your data to the Subscription Release of Quicken for Mac, you'll want to review the new file to make sure that everything got carried over correctly. You'll need to be able to view the old data file so you can compare balances and transactions. It's a good idea to hold on to a backup of your old data file for a while, just in case you need to refer back to it.

Quit Quicken for Mac. Open the Subscription release of Quicken for Mac. You'll see a message telling you that your data file is being imported Note: Select Start from a Quicken Essentials File.

Converting from Quicken Mac 2015, 2016, or 2017 to the Subscription Release of Quicken for Mac

You'll be prompted to choose the Quicken Essentials file you'd like to convert to Quicken or the Subscription release. If you are prompted to provide access to Mac Keychain, select Always allow. Select an issue to chat: Customer Service. Getting Started. Online Banking. Using Quicken.

Estimated wait: Call support. Call Support How can we help you? Find what you need right now. Or call our free support line for expert help. Have you tried these topics? These support articles may help resolve your issue faster. No results found matching your current search topic. Quicken for Mac provides visually appealing graphs and charts.

Quicken for Mac is easier to navigate and read for users. You can view ledgers, graphs, or charts—whichever is the most appealing to you and will help you stay on track with your budget. You can pay bills via Quicken for Mac. Quicken for Mac has access to more than 11, vendors.


You can manage your investments. A new key feature of Quicken for Mac is the investments feature.

Converting Your Data (Quicken for Mac)

You can track your portfolio, get updated quotes, and track your profits. You can also see your cost basis, determine your capital gains, and prepare yourself for tax time.

Quicken 2018 for Mac - Importing from Windows

You can track your principal and interest on loans. If you are trying to get ahead of your loans, you will like the loan feature in Quicken for Mac. You can see how your payments affect principal and interest. You can also run "what if" scenarios to see how different payments and scenarios would help you pay off your debt. You can use Dropbox for backups. Even though Quicken for Mac is on your local computer, you get access to 5 GB of online backup from Dropbox. This gives you a "backup" of your financial information to ensure that you don't lose anything. You always have the latest updates.

See your financial life all in one place

Because Quicken for Mac is subscription-based, you don't have to upgrade the product when new versions are released. You'll automatically receive updates, which means you'll always have the latest features available to you. You don't lose access to your financial data even after your subscription ends.

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If you don't want to renew your subscription, you still have access to your financial data. You can view it, edit it, or export it. While you can't use Quicken's features, you won't lose the information you collected while you did pay for the program. Quicken supports more than 14, financial institutions for automatic update of your financial information.

This is the same number of financial institutions Quicken works with for the Windows version, so Mac users are on the same wavelength as Window users in that regard. There is little difference between the Premier and Deluxe versions. The only differences are the online bill pay free of charge and faster priority for customer service. Investment reporting still lacks features offered in Quicken for Windows. While Quicken for Mac has dramatically better investment features, it still pales in comparison to Quicken for Windows' features.

Quicken for Mac Review: Is It Good?

The main features that lag are in terms of reporting, which is the one feature many users want when looking at their investments. You have to pay for it every year. Quicken for Mac used to be a native program that you downloaded to your computer and used for as long as you wanted. If you wanted to use an old program, that was your prerogative. Now you don't have that choice—you have to pay the subscription fee or you can't use Quicken for Mac. QuickBooks for Mac: Quicken is more for personal finance use.

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If you don't manage payroll or your business has simple financing needs, Quicken may suffice. Businesses that need more robust financing options, though, may do better with QuickBooks for Mac.