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On Celestia's list was: On Luna's list was: Cake, and Soarin not necessarily in that order. I'll pour the potion in their sleep and put them under my control. You will know that I poured it on them once you see the physical ones right here start to disappear. It works on everypony; this potion doesn't work on non ponies. You're not thinking of using it on girls too are you. Well there you have it; things will start off with Big Mac and Shining Armor. Remember to leave comments in the review and let me know what you want to see next,. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Cartoons My Little Pony. Late Night Secret. Princess Celestia has been having dreams that she really wants to fulfill in real life. Princess Luna has the solution and they are going to handle this together; since she has the same dream. This is a harem. This is rated M for a reason; don't like don't read. Celestia, Luna It was the middle of the night and Celestia was asleep.

What meeting? Oh right! Sorry, I just had a distracting thought If you mean about the dream where you are taken by many stallions, then I already know. Once they made sure no one followed them and they were completely alone, they began to talk I don't think we need to make such a big deal about this sister. I know! So how much do you know? Who am I kidding, you see everypony's dreams. You need to fulfil this dream in real life with real stallions Luna, how am I exactly going to do that? It's true that I want ponies to see me not just as a princess, but there are limits I'm well aware of that.

Which is why I have a solution to this. What is that? All this sleeping really tuckered me out! But Star Swirl had one other trick left. Lawyers were the worst scum that walked the earth, he thought. The less of them in the world the better. It's really for the best This was a pegasus of many names: Ditzy Doo. Party Filly. Bubbly Mare. Background Pegasus Worcestershire III. Or Derpy Hooves. Either was okay.

I never knew you had such a quick tongue. Celestia's body began to glow gold and that energy bled into Big Macintosh. The second it hit the red stallion, his hips began to move on their own and he began moaning as well. Big Macintosh reached up and pulled Celestia down and forced his lips to hers. They moaned into each other's mouths as Big Macintosh released himself deep inside Celestia's womb.

Celestia broke the kiss and arched back in a deep moan as she felt herself filled to the brim. The energy built up between the two dissipated slowly and left only two quivering bodies still joined as one. The white alicorn panted and fell off her stud. Big Macintosh's head was spinning and his vision was blurry. He had just mated with Princess Celestia, the most beautiful and desired mare in the world.

His haze from the orgasm took several minutes to come down from. But when he did, he felt something on his chest. It was a kiss. Big Mac struggled to raise his head. He saw Celestia still with a pink mane and kissing down his body. I'm just going to thank you for your generosity. All the while, Celestia's hoof made its way up Big Macintosh's well-toned leg and to his stallionhood.

She gently rubbed it until it was fully awakened again. The white alicorn retracted her tongue and looked hungrily at what she held. Her eyes locked on the red stallion's and Celestia licked her lips. The princess smiled and took the top of large appendage into her mouth.

She rolled her tongue around and hummed as she went along. Big Macintosh flopped down and arched his back. He was in heaven.

The feeling of the princess working him so masterfully was incredible. But he was launched further when the princess began to bob her head slowly. Celestia looked up and saw the look on his face. She gave a chuckle and began to hum louder. The red stallion managed to lift his head. Seeing Celestia swallowing and pleasing him like this was almost too much for him to handle.

The white alicorn half opened her and stared into the stallion's green eyes. She came off of Big Mac with a "pop" started to use her hooves. She stuck her tongue out and licked up and down Big Macintosh on ever side of him. While Big Macintosh momentarily lost his voice, it did come back. But she kept going down further and further. Big Mac's eyes went as he watched the princess take every inch of him down her throat. He didn't know how but the princess was undulating with him inside her. This was sending Big Macintosh over the edge and he felt the build up again.

Celestia raised her head when she felt Big Mac begin to tense up and started using her hooves with her mouth. She smiled on the inside to know that she still had. Celestia came up and caught a needed breath of air. She instantly went back to work at a faster pace than before.

The Princess of the Day smiled and removed the stallion for her mouth. Her hooves sped up and Big Macintosh began to squirm under the touch. Celestia closed her eyes as Big Macintosh erupted onto her face. She was pleased to feel a large amount hit her and ooze all over her face. Big Macintosh flopped onto the bed. He was exhausted and spent. A jostle caused him to turn his head. Princess Celestia had joined him on the bed. The princess smiled with Big Macintosh's seed still coating her face. Her horn charged and she levitated all of the warm liquid off her face and let it hover in midair for a moment.

To Big Mac's surprise, Celestia opened her mouth and drizzled it onto her tongue. Once she had all his seed in her mouth, Celestia let out an audible gulp and licked her lips seductively.

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Celestia lay down on the bed and lowered her head. Big Mac thought she wanted to begin a third round. But she laid her head right next to the red stallion, closed her eyes, and let out a content sigh. With that, the lost hues in her mane and tail reappeared. Big Macintosh saw the same eyes filled with love and compassion when Celestia reopened them. But Celestia could see something in Big Mac's eyes.

I admire you for this and these are the traits I want my foal to have. Big Macintosh let a smile curl onto his face. It made him happy to know the princess felt that way about him. His legs wobbled a little once he stood up.

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Big Macintosh took his time getting cleaned up. The white alicorn took a lot out of him and he couldn't move quickly. It took twenty minutes for him to get clean and stop wobbling. When he came out of the bathroom, Celestia was still on the bed and had a sealed scroll with her.

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I'll be examined by a physician in a few days to see if I am pregnant. But as far as food, education, and medicine, you needn't worry. When she was done, her royal accoutrements went on. The mighty Apple went over to retrieve his tie from the floor and draped it over his neck. The last time my stud was revealed, things got He certainly wouldn't want anything to happen and caused problems for himself and the princess. You wouldn't want…" A knock on the door broke Celestia from her thoughts and she went to the door.

She opened it to find her sister on the other side. Big Macintosh joined them outside Celestia's room. Perhaps if I should find myself in a similar situation, I should seek thy assistance as well. Celestia turned back into her room and retrieved the scroll. The two left Luna with a confused look on her face. She scratched her head trying to figure out what was so funny. But when the Princess of the Night peeked into Celestia's room to get a clue as to what happened, Luna got a whiff of Celestia's perfume and something else.

It suddenly hit her and Luna's whole head blushed when she realized what she just said to Big Macintosh. The red stallion had been laying on the deck of the chariot as it was pulled through the sky.

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He still could not believe what he just did with the princess. But even if he was the type to kiss and tell, nopony would believe him. With Ponyville in the distance, Big Macintosh finally opened the scroll. You were amazing. Maybe we should do this again sometime The red pony couldn't believe what he was reading.

The princess may want to do that again. There is no way he could be dreaming. Big Macintosh was normally a very humble pony. But even he couldn't help but feel a little bit of a swollen ego. A few minutes later and the two pegasi landed on the ground of Sweet Apple Acres. The two ponies nodded and took off into the late afternoon sky. Big Mac watched them fly off and turned around to see his sister Applejack.