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Terminal Services for Mac - OS X gets virtual - TVP Strategy

A password change event may be required to enable your access to tigger. By default, Terminal. Double-click on the icon to start the client. For example, if user example1 wants to connect to tigger. Skip to main content Accessibility Resources. Academic Computing and Communications Center. Search form Search. Web Services. Enter the hostname when prompted by the dialog.

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Installing Fetch Fetch is available for free download from the Webstore. Save the. Drag the Fetch. Then a dialog box will open asking whether you want to install the Fetch Dashboard widget.

How to connect to file servers, computer shares or Windows shares on a Mac.

Click Not Now or Install Widget. Click OK when the Dashboard widget is installed.

How to access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac

Using Fetch Double-click on the Fetch dog icon in your Applications folder. The connection dialog box opens. Fill in the Hostname: In the figure, example1 is logging into tigger. The Password: If this is a connection that you will want to use again, click the heart icon at the end of the Hostname: Put a check mark next to Screen Sharing on the left Click the Computer Settingsā€¦ button on the right. Click OK. Only these users. Select your name or the name of the user account you use from the list and click the Select button.

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If you would like to enable file sharing as well, put a check mark next to File Sharing on the left. By default every Mac OS user account gets a Public folder. You will need this to connect from the remote computer. Select Connect to Server from the Go menu.

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Click the Connect button and it will open the remote desktop in a new window. You will have control over the keyboard and mouse as if you were sitting down at that computer.

To access files and folders on the remote computer select Go to Folder from the Go menu. Click the Go button and the folders you have access to on the remote computer will open in a new Finder window.