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How to create a list of all the files inside a macOS directory in seconds with TextEdit

You can drag and drop a folder onto the Terminal window to avoid having to type the path name. This will insert the full path name on the location of your cursor. But what if you need more control over your output? One of the most popular of those applications with reason is printWindow.

How to make a list of all files in a folder (Mac)

The applications comes in a free and premium version. Luckily, the most important features are available in both flavors of printWindow.

  1. How to List All Files and Subdirectory Contents in a Folder.
  2. 2. Use The Terminal’s ‘ls’ Function!
  3. Terminal fun: Options for printing folder and subfolder contents - CNET?

What tricks do you use on your Mac to print out lists of folder contents? Image Credit: When doing this, it is your choice whether only files, only directorys or both, files and directories should be listed. Of course, despite this simplicity, you can use many optional settings.

You can determine which columns are used in which form in the table, you can specify how the design should look like and beyond, you can adjust the output as you need it: In addition to general file and folder properties such as name, format, type, size, path, path length, folder level or number of files, also specific properties of audio files for example, artist, title, album, track number, duration or genre , video files such as width, height, duration, or FPS , images like width, height, color depth, or resolution or text files encoding, BOM, line break type, number of lines or characters can be listed just by checking the corresponding option in the columns list.

Which of these columns in which format should be included in your file list, can be determined by yourself. The Filellist Creator is fully compatible with Unicode.

TMO Quick Tip - Finder: Copying File Name Lists

This means that you can easily create lists of files that contain Unicode characters and you can use Unicode in all settings, such as in the headings of columns. Even when you save your list, all common Unicode formats and the ANSI format is supported see file formats.

You can download the program on our download page for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and you can learn in the help section , how you can benefit from the program.