htc sync manager mac not working

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The Mac won't start and it shows flashing question mark

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Dec 10, 1 0 0. Blank screen with flashing question mark.

Dec 2, 2, 0 24, Not good. If so you can try running First Aide icon at top of window on it and see if it can fix an file system related issues. If the drive passed and it still won't startup then you probably have a software issue preventing startup. Hopefully you have a recent backup you can restore otherwise the Recovery mode also has a way to reinstall the OS.

If a flashing question mark appears when you start your Mac

Oct 29, 43 0 0. This basically means your hard drive, or the connection to it, is damaged or corrupted. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads C. Is too old in MacBook Years? Started by chambers.

MacBook liquid damage help Started by gaschdav Jan 27, Replies: Extremely Slow Macbook Pro Started by j. My MacBook pro is stuck in the start up won't boot up all the way help Started by jjcoconutgrl Jan 23, Replies: No videos play. Started by StrickOut Today at 7: If you boot from your Mac's internal drive, power it down and on again while holding down the Options key on the keyboard. When the startup manager appears, if you see your startup disk in the options, select it.

If that doesn't work, repeat the process but this time select Recovery HD from the startup manager. Your Mac should now boot from its recovery partition. Select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. When it opens, choose your startup disk and then click the First Aid tab.

4 Methods to fix "flash question mark on Mac"

Click Repair to verify and repair the disk and then try and start up normally. Still no joy? Persistent blue or grey screens when you boot up your Mac tend to be caused by a peripheral.

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Power off the Mac. Disconnect everything except the power and the keyboard and mouse if external , and now restart.

MacBook Pro 2009 blinking question mark MiFix

If the Mac starts up normally, it's a problem with a peripheral. To find out which one is at fault, reattach them one by one and start up each time, until the problem reoccurs. Once you've found the culprit, Google the problem and the name of the peripheral to find out what others have done to fix it. If the Mac won't boot with all peripherals disconnected, try booting in Safe Mode by holding down the Shift key when you restart. Occasionally, doing that then restarting fixes the problem. If not, boot into the Recovery partition and follow the steps in the problem above.

When you turn on your Mac you should hear a tone. The type of tone can change depending on any problems your Mac might be experiencing, so they are a good way of figuring out what's preventing your Mac to properly start. First of all, check that the Mac is connected to a power supply, and that the power cable is secure. Then you should check that the power socket is switched on and working.

Test it with a lamp!

How to fix flashing question mark on mac

Next, eliminate the possibility that it's a display problem. Is there a startup chime? Can you hear the fan? Is the sleep LED lit?