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Posted on Dec 9, 1: Page content loaded. Dec 9, 1: Dec 9, 2: Dec 9, 8: This happens occassionally and then sometimes it'll go back to normal.

It really hurts my eyes and wallet thinking I spent money on a clear display only to end up with this If it is repeatable, make an appointment at the genius Bar at an Apple store for evaluation. Its free, in warranty or out.

Make Sure Font Smoothing is Enabled in Mac

Those guys put their hands on these Macs all day every day. Dec 9, Did you get it better? I got my new MPB 13 with Retina this month.

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  • The same situation as yours! I actually do have one but have not gone as far as that yet.

    Why is my desktop blurry? The words, and … - Apple Community

    I had to change the color mode to sRGB and it fixed the issue. Husband and father extraordinaire.

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    OS X 10.9.3 Issue: How to fix the blurry image display

    Whether you are looking for iPhone app reviews, iPad app reviews, Android app reviews, Android Tablet app reviews, Windows Phone app reviews or Mac app reviews, we have you covered. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates! Email address: All rights reserved. Tech Support OS X The issue appears to be caused a change in the way that Mojave handles font rendering and anti-aliasing, two factors that define how smooth text appears on a screen. Related article: How to Downgrade from Mojave.

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    Not all Macs experience the fuzzy text issue; it appears to be most prevalent with non-Retina displays. Method No.

    Choosing the Proper Display Resolution on Mac

    Toggling the font smoothing checkbox may resolve blurry text issues. The enabled setting provides a somewhat more bold-looking font with more anti-aliasing smoothing jagged edges on curved lines and diagonals.