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Num Keys 1~9 not working

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guide num 6

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Number Keypad Not Working on a Mac Keyboard? It’s a Simple Fix

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Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game. Using this keyboard viewer was great as it showed me the keys that worked - and seemed to confirm that the 10 keys didn't Then about half hour after trying this, the key to left of 1 started working so only 1 to 9 not working now Nov 19, 1: Thank you Mary Beth - I did try that but didn't apply in my case - have had to get a replacement keyboard fixed in and all good now. Apr 8, This person Pinkforme cracked the code on why number keys won't work Oct 6, 8: Feb 26, 5: I have the same problem; and I have checked all accessibility options are disabled, and I have only a single keyboard configured, which is active.

So I don't know how else to proceed. It is just the numbers 1 to 9. If I consecutively press the key about 30 to 50 times, then a single digit comes out.

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It must be a software issue. Unfortunately I don't have backups of the system to roll back to the previous OS. I am using Sierra. Jul 22, I did it and found the errors, but how do i correct the errors once i find them? There are a few others that also do not work right. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. But with Windows 10 and new features around the corner, maybe it's about time we learned.

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  7. When the on-screen keyboard first appears, there will be no number pad. Now, whenever you need to type a number from the numpad, just click it on the on-screen keyboard.

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    This also works with modifier keys: For a more dedicated and less screen-real-estate-intensive option, you can download a number pad emulator. Like the on-screen keyboard, just click on any of the numbers to type the numpad-equivalent numeral into any app. Many laptops address the lack of a number pad by including a hidden numeric keypad activated by the NumLock key. They also often share the 7, 8, and 9 keys in the number row.

    You might have to press the Fn or Shift key to get it to work. Now, those keys will function as the numeric keypad for your laptop. Just press the number lock again to turn this feature off. There are a few apps out there that will let you use your iPhone or iPad as a numeric keyboard. Like desktop emulators, there are lots of options, and each one is a little different. Many options will require that you install a small receiver app on your computer.

    After that, you just sync up your phone or tablet and start typing! You can download ready-to-use scripts or write your own. We show you to become more productive with automated hotkey tasks. This script keeps your Caps Lock key from doing its normal function, but how often do you use that anyway?

    If you want to use the Caps Lock key as a toggle for sending numeric keypad keys, replace the first two lines with this single one:. You can do all sorts of useful things with AHK and the numeric keypad.